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Does this look right?

It is easier to do than you think!
It is easier to do than you think!

Does this look right?

Invariably the first question we ask ourselves and our best friends when we tried foundation for the first time.  If you are like me, starting out you depended on your Aunt who sold Mary Kay to help you decide.  And, although you looked more grown up (mission accompli!), you still wondered, does this look right?

And, we wonder for a long...

Blush - Why Use It? How? Will it Clog my Pores?

Love to Blush

Are you a blush aficionado?  Do you want to make sure you are using the best technique?  Until TheGlamCase Master Classes, I was applying much of my makeup the way my mom did.  Now I love her dearly but she is no a makeup artist.  Click on the image above to launch the video.  It is 3 minutes of "Ahah...".  Let us know what you think!

'No Birthday Blues' Beauty Tips

No matter how old I get, I can't resist the excitement that comes along with celebrating another year of life. Party over here! The outpouring of love, acts of service, cards, dinners, phone calls, text messages and shoutouts on Facebook all serve to remind me of the richness of my life in such a profound way.

And with each passing year, I become more committed to preserving my youthful look. The two assets that are critical to maintain are my healthy, youthful skin and beautiful smile. Yeah, I said it. If I can't love me, who will?

I like the...

The Excitement Factor - New Season, New GlamCases

(Scroll down to peak inside September's GlamCase)  We get so excited when the GlamCases are being prepped and packed.  The products are so awesome.  Brands from Yves Saint Laurent to Bottega Organica to UrbanDecay are engineering makeup, skin, and hair products that harness the purest elements on earth in recipes that boost every aspect we adore.  PhytoSpecific uses plants to produce products that increase moisture, improve shine, and increase resilience, for example.  Fruit enzymes are incorporated into exfoliants to minimize scars, increase brightness and even tone. The beauty quiz informs what goes in to each GlamCase.  The goal...

Makeup: How to... Shine


The Web is filled with all sorts of makeup tutorials. I have only started watching recently.  You?  Most of the makeup techniques I have picked up over time come from the occasional magazine article, usually hard copy, or, on the rare visit to a makeup counter (but the truth is I cannot think of any visits in the past 12 months that have taught me a skill).  As I embarked on my daily ritual of putting on some makeup this morning, I could not help but think, I still put on my makeup the way I saw...