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It is easier to do than you think!
It is easier to do than you think!

Does this look right?

Invariably the first question we ask ourselves and our best friends when we tried foundation for the first time.  If you are like me, starting out you depended on your Aunt who sold Mary Kay to help you decide.  And, although you looked more grown up (mission accompli!), you still wondered, does this look right?

And, we wonder for a long time.  Each of our experiences with makeup is different but the same in this way.  We question.  We search for the perfect foundation, the right lipstick, the right eye shadow, we may or may not ever discover blush.  As we mature, want to look like ourselves while demonstrating that we know how to dress up with makeup.  And being women, what we “need” changes all of the time.  Your wondering, our wondering, is the beginning of TheGlamCase Beauty Box story.

We scoured the web for resources on Step 1: Picking the right foundation for your skin tone.  Our friends at Refinery29.com (link below) do a nice job minus our feeling that if you are truly sun-kissed the way we define it, see http://theglamcase.com/pages/what-s-a-warm-skin-tone, checking your veins is not going to be your first step.

Our solution, follow these steps before your next purchase...

1-Visit a makeup counter, assess the range of colors that might suit you on the shelf.  Ideally the brand you choose to try should have 4 or 5 bottles that you think may suit your complexion.

2-Then, have the make up artist apply the foundation to half your face.  And the other most likely option to the other side.  Key point here, let them apply it while you look on in a hand held mirror.  That's right, hold a mirror up to your face so that you can not only see the makeup as it is going on but also how it is being put on.  You build your own skills that way.

3-Compare the result from different angles.  How does the skin on your face look compared to the skin on your neck and chest?  Do you love it or are you scared out of your wits?  If you love it, let the makeup artist show you how to blend the foundation over your jawline and down your neck so that all of your exposed skin has the same finish.  Voila! Congratulations!  It looks great! 

It is easier to do than you think!
It is easier to do than you think!

Reginery29's tips:  http://www.refinery29.com/diverse-skin-tones-natural-makeup#slide

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