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Member FAQs
  1. How often does The Glam Case ship?  Every other month i.e. you enjoy 6 curated Glam Cases/year for $16/month.
  2. What is the subscription fee? $16/month or $172.80/year (save 10% with the annual subscription!)
  3. How do I subscribe? Request an invitation by clicking Get Started and act on it as soon as it is sent.
  4. How do I unsubscribe? Send an email notification to unsubscribe@theglamcase.com.  Please include a reason.  Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
  5. When can I cancel? You may cancel at any time.
Brand-Partners FAQs
  1. Will my brand be included in The Glam Case promotional materials and on TheGlamCase.com?  Is this complimentary? Our brand-partners are chosen because they are best-in-class.  We work together to craft unique cross-marketing strategies that may include hard copy and online collateral.   
  2. Will we have access to The Glam Case customer database?  No. The Glam Case is committed to privacy of our member information.
  3. How many samples are required?  Is there a requisite partnership length like 1 year or 6 cases? The number of samples committed and length of partnership is customized to best meet the needs of each of our valued partners and to best serve our members. 
  4. When are samples due? We recommend delivery 3 weeks prior to the participation month.
  5. Are we limited to one product for the duration of our partnership?  You are not.  Our brand partners are encouraged to group products that work optimally together.
  6. Does The Glam Case participate in consumer and media events? Yes. Please refer questions to our Chief Communications Officer, Nicole Christie.
  7. How are members recruited? Word-of-mouth drives subscriptions.  Members of the Glam Case share their experience with people they care about.  We also feature at events geared towards our audience. 
  8. How is conversion tracked? In a variety of ways depending on the brand-partner.  Through designated UPC codes and/or incentives that drive purchase back to our distribution partners’ brick & mortar locations and/or TheGlamCase.com, for example.