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What is a Warm Skin Tone?

Traditionally, "warm skin tones" has a technical definition.  We are breaking with that tradition.  We define warm skin tones as complexions that have been kissed by the sun.  The sun could have given you a little smooch or big, fat, wet one!  Tell us with the beauty quiz.  Then we see what the best in prestige beauty has for you and send deluxe samples to your door so that you can discover guilt-free and buy with confidence.

We recognize that each of you is unique!  That's what's exciting.  We welcome everyone to TheGlamCase party.  We recognize that many brands give up on connecting with your unique needs.  Let's wake them up!  We want and deserve the best in makeup, skin, and hair care but finding it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.  No longer!  Get TheGlamCase!  Our Experts have been catering to all complexions, hair types, and health needs for decades.  We care about your needs.  We are dedicated to helping you access your best beauty every day.  Yes, it's time!  Get started!   

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